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Nowadays Bluetooth speakers have become more popular. Bluetooth is being provided in almost all speakers. Portable Bluetooth speakers are small speakers that run on batteries. You can take them for a picnic, outdoor, travel and enjoy music anywhere. Today I write about The BoAt Stone 600, Detel Sargam Bluetooth Speaker, JBL Flip-4 in details.

BoAt Stone 600 Bluetooth Speaker: Body & Features -

This speaker of about 8 inches X 3 inches looks of great premium quality only. This speaker from Singapore company boAt does not sound like a cheap Chinese speaker. It will make your heart happy with its solid body and excellent performance.
The front has a speaker mesh, the rest of the body has a rubber coating. The rubber body is soft to the touch, plus it makes the speaker shock-proof. There is a control button on the top of the speaker, which is for lowering the volume, forwarding and backward, receiving phone calls, pausing songs, Bluetooth pairing-connectivity.
The boAt Stone 600 Bluetooth speaker has a rubber cap on its right side. On opening this cap, you can see micro USB charging port, auxiliary 3.5 pin jack, on-off button. The 1500 mAh battery in the speaker provides 8 hours of nonstop music. According to the boating company, this speaker is waterproof. Meaning if this waterfalls or you are around a swimming pool, then there is no worry about its safety. The Bluetooth range of this speaker is 33 feet or say 10 meters.

BoAt Stone 600:

This speaker is excellent in terms of sound. 360 degree Surround Sound gives a great experience. Wherever you are in any corner of the room, the same music comes in the whole room. This speaker may look small but not in terms of sound. This speaker gives an amazing bass and sound clarity according to its size. This speaker made of the hard body is about 500 grams, which is necessary to give a good bass. Overall the boAt Stone 600 is a Passive Bluetooth speaker.

  • Premium and Precision Sound: Premium drivers within a compact design delivering a full 360 degrees high definition sound
  • Advanced Bluetooth 4.0 Technology: Ultra-optimized version of Bluetooth that consumes less energy and delivers crystal clear sound.Frequency Response - 80Hz–18kHz
  • Water Proof: International Rated IPX6 for 100-percent protection against water and dust for outdoor and indoor activities
  • Device-Free Use: Play straight, easily answer phone calls with a built-in microphone, change tracks or adjust the volume, all without picking up your phone
  • What You Get: boAt Stone 600 Bluetooth speaker, micro USB charging cable, aux-in cable compatible with 3.5 mm devices, 12-month warranty, and supportive customer service
  • Perfect for outdoor parties, showers, poolsides, group camping and other hard-core activities
  • Well-structured rock solid rugged design for ultimate impact resistance, perfect choice for music lovers

Detel Sargam Bluetooth Speaker

The record-making company Detail is slowly building a good reputation in India by launching the world's cheapest mobile. Deitel has recently launched the world's cheapest LCD TV launched in India. 

Talking about Dell's presence in the Indian market, the company has also made a presence in the TV market with feature phones, Bluetooth speakers.

 Deitel has launched 4 new portable Bluetooth speakers a few days ago including Rockstar, Sargam, Caravan and Jazz. Detail Rockstar, Sargam, Caravan, and Jazz are priced at Rs 999, Rs 899, Rs 849 and Rs 2,9999 respectively. 

To review these, we got the details to review the Sargam speaker, which we used for a month, so let's know how useful this Bluetooth speaker of Rs 849 is for you.

Specification of Detel Sargam Bluetooth Speaker

The 4.0 plus EDR version of Bluetooth and FM radio have also been supported in the details. In this speaker, you can also listen to the song through pen drive, micro SD card and aux cable.

 It also has a mic and calling features with the help of which you can talk on the phone through the speaker. The Detel Sargam has a 1200 mAh battery, with which the company claims that the battery will be fully charged in 4 hours and battery backup will be available for 3 hours.

Design of detail gamut

Talking about the design, the design of the detail gamut speaker is cylindrical. It has a 3-watt speaker on the front and has a mesh on it. There is grip in the body of the speaker due to which it does not slip from the hand or any smooth place. 

FM radio, reverse, forward, volume up / down and calling buttons are provided on the upper part of the speaker. At the same time, a small bar at the rear has a memory card slot, power on-off button, micro USB charging port, USB port and port for an aux cable. 

The body of the speaker is plastic. In the box with the speaker, you also get an aux cable in addition to the warranty card and charging cable, with the help of which you can play the songs of your phone without Bluetooth.

Battery backup and performance

In the Detel Sargam Bluetooth Speaker, you get a 1200 mAh battery which is fully charged in 4 hours, although you do not get the indicator of full charging. In such a situation, it is not known whether the battery is fully charged or not. Talking about the backup of the battery, you get 3 hours of continuous backup in 4 hours of charging, but if you turn off the speaker for a while, then the backup of the battery increases to 45 minutes.

Now speaking of the voice of the speaker, the sound is sufficient for a small hall. The sound comes out clearly, but the sound bursts a bit when the volume is full. The company needs to work on this. The speaker base is good in terms of 3 watts. It has an FM radio which is not able to get a clear signal even in a city like Delhi. The radio rings when taken to the fourth floor. In such a situation, the radio of this speaker may disappoint you.

Now it is good to talk about the calling feature of the Detel Sargam speaker. In the group, you can communicate comfortably with its help. You will not need to shout loudly while talking on this speaker. You can also talk with the speaker in hand by keeping the phone in another place. Memory cards, pen drives, and aux cables also work well. The build quality of the speaker is good.

JBL Flip-4 

JBL is trying something new in the market. With this, users are also getting options in the different budget range. Through Flip-4, it has improved its series. After experiencing this portable Bluetooth speaker for more than a week, there were many noticeable things.

Waterproofing is a great feature of this device. The IPX 7 certificate found on Flip-4 states that the device can survive 30 minutes in water up to 1 meter deep. We did not submerge the device, just spilled water on it. No problem was encountered. The flip-4 design is cylindrical. 

This makes it easier to hold. Weight is more than half a kilo. The body has fabric coating, except for the edges. Buttons are provided on the body itself. These are for music play-back and Bluetooth pairing. The silicon strip makes the base look great.

In JBL Flip-4 box:
JBL Flip-4, Micro USB Cable, Safety Sheet, Quick Start Guide, Warranty Card
Price: 8999

The power button has a backlight as well as the battery level is detected through LED dots. MicroUSB port and 3.5mm jack are available as soon as the rubber flap is opened. 

A small rope is also provided to hang the device. Flip-4 comes with 16 wattage speakers. It responds at 70 Hz to 20 thousand Hz frequencies. The device supports 2 Bluetooth connections simultaneously. 

After installing the JBL Connect app on the phone, many more options were also found. As many as 100 Flip-4 can connect simultaneously. The function of play buttons can be changed.

Flip-4 also supports voice assistant. We also tried it by going to the settings of the app. Flip-4 can support the phone's sound output features as soon as the phone is connected to the speaker. 

This feature is for both Android and iOS users. We got information about the weather and traffic in Delhi. It took approximately 1 hour to charge the 3000 mAh battery given in the device. The company claims 12 hours of nonstop playback. In our test, the speaker spent about 11 hours together. During this time there was no problem in attending calls. Sound clear received. 
The audio performance of Flip-4 is good. 

The design makes the base good. But different sound comes when kept in different places. For example, when placing the device in the bed, the sound was heard a little bit, then the base on the floor got a bit louder. The device in the 8,500 range seems a bit expensive, but rely on the original and is looking at some pocket-size speakers that can be carried on road trips as well, so Flip-4 would be better.

Boat Stone 600
Detel Sargam
JBL 4 Flip Portable
Item Weight
662 G
399 G
517 G
23 x 8.4 x 11.8 cm
19 x 3 x 5 cm
7 x 17.5 x 6.8 cm
Micro USB
Compatible Devices
Smartphone, Tablets, Computer
Audio Player, Laptop, Mobile, Tablet
Price on AMAZON
₹ 2,274.00
₹ 649.00
₹ 8,999.00

Which Bluetooth speaker to buy under 2000? Which Bluetooth speaker to buy under 2000? Reviewed by AshishParmar on September 23, 2019 Rating: 5

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