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 What is right time to wear the charm bracelet?

What is right time to wear the charm bracelet?

Charm bracelets have been around for a long time and their popularity is increasing. This is a great way to customize your jewelry and reflect your personality.

First things first, what is the attraction?

The Charm bracelets are small decorative trinkets that are symbolic and expressive of the masters. In the past, shepherds were commonly used as amulets to protect the wearer and ward of evil, but today, they can be used to indicate a range of things such as your interests, hobbies, and travel is.

An attractive bracelet, then, is a bracelet to which you can combine these individual charms to create a customized bracelet that holds meaning and value for you.

Charm bracelets have been around since the Middle Ages. Usually made of a silver or gold chain, these bracelets and their charms can invite love, luck, and money into your life. If you want to wear attractive Charm bracelets yourself, try to add meaningful charm to you to send good intentions.

Choose a chain made of high-quality metal.

You probably want to wear your charm bracelet for a long time, so try to choose a base that will last a while. Sterling silver or gold is the most durable metal you can choose, if within your budget.

• These metals also do not tarnish or rust, so you should not worry about cleaning them.

• You can also buy stainless steel or titanium chains for a more economical option.

Add some berth stone charms to celebrate your life.

 There is a fixed gemstone stone in each month of the year. If you want to decorate your bracelet with some charms that represent you, check which birthstone is yours and buy some charms with your gemstone. Birthplace includes:

• January: Garnet.

• February: Sapphire

• March: Aquamarine

• April: Diamond

• May: Emerald

• June: Alexandrite

• July: Ruby

• August: Peridot

• September: Sapphire

• October: Pink tourmaline

• November: Topaz

• December: Blue Topaz 

What is right time to wear the charm bracelet?

Choose a charm that symbolizes luck to you.

There are a few different attraction symbols that represent fate. A horseshoe and a 4-leaf clover are 2 of the most common ones, but you can assign luck to almost any symbol you like. Add some of these charms to increase your luck.

• The eye of Horus and the tree of life is also a symbol of destiny. 

Choose some charms that symbolize your hobby.

There are a lot of attractions out there that can represent the things you are interested in. For example, if you like playing music, add a music note charm. Or, if you are great at basketball, add a basketball attraction. You can choose and what is important to you.

• If you like traveling, consider adding a compass or globe. Or, if you surf too much, find a surfboard attraction.

• If your faith is important to you, you may also find a charm to represent it. 

Customize some charms to celebrate the relationships you have.

 If you have a family member or friend who you are particularly close to, consider getting an engraved or personal charm that represents you two. You can get a heart with your initials or make an inside joke between the two of you.

• If your friend or family member also wears attractive bracelets, you can get two matching charms. 

Buy a pink quartz bracelet for love.

Pink quartz is said to bring your life partner into your life or invite an old romantic partner back. If love is something you're looking for, try wearing a bracelet with a big pink quartz charm on it. 

Wear an egglet bracelet to ward off evil spirits.

Agate stone provides protection and keeps away negative energy. If you find something that you need, try wearing Charm bracelets with a large agate stone or made entirely of agate beads.

• Early stones appear brown or green.

• These bracelets are great if you have a metal allergy, as they are pure stones. 

Wear a Rudraksha bracelet for good health.

Rudraksha is the fruit of a tree that stops aging and encourages good health for your body and soul. These bracelets usually have a large dry fruit with red beads around them.

• Sometimes, pearls are also made from the nuts of Rudraksha.

Try a garland bracelet to invite money into your life.

The garland charm is a small, circular attraction with a square cut-out in the middle. If you want to invite more wealth, be it monetary or spiritual, into your life, try wearing one of these charms around your wrist.

• You can either wear a garland bracelet with just this charm, or you can add a garland charm to your existing bracelet.

Choose the length of a bracelet that fits your wrist perfectly.

 Since you are wearing your lucky charm bracelet every day, make sure you can place it on your wrist, so it is very tight but not too much. If your bracelet is too loose, it can snag things as you move around throughout the day.

• Most bracelets are 7 inches (18 cm) long, but you can customize them to fit your wrist.

Put on your bracelet every day.

 To bring luck to your Charm bracelets, try to wear them as often as you can. Keep it near your clothes so that you remember it when you are ready in the morning and include it in your outfit to look cute and fashionable.

Whoever is more comfortable wearing their bracelet on the wrist.

If you wear your Charm bracelets on your dominant hand, it will be more visual and eye-catching for other people. However, it can be annoying to snag things and eat or write. Try wearing it on both of your wrists to see which is more comfortable for you.

• Some myths and legends set a specific hand to wear your Charm bracelet for the most luck, but ultimately, it is up to you.

Take off your bracelet while you bathe or sleep.

Most bracelets do not do well when they are super wet, so try not to wear them when you take a shower or wash the dishes. When you sleep you should take it off at bedtime to prevent toggling on your bed or pillow.

• Try to keep your Charm bracelet in the same place every day so that you do not damage it.

On which hand should I wear my charm bracelet?

There is no hard and fast rule about which hand your charm bracelet is on. It is a matter of priority and practicality.

Some people feel that wearing an attractive bracelet on their dominant hand can make things like writing or eating a little annoying. If you want the bracelet to be easily visible, wear it on your dominant hand. You use that hand more.

In general, wear bracelets only on the arm which seems more comfortable.

Where to buy a bracelet

Charm bracelets have been in fashion for decades and there is no end in sight. Curating and customizing your charm is the ultimate way to express yourself through jewelry.

We recommend searching on and or Flipkart for the Charm and Charm Bracelet series as there is a wide variety of prices.

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